Receive supportive, constructive feedback on your theme, series or body of work.
Objective reviewer insights can help guide your photography process.

Reviews can be beneficial in many ways: 

Identify your strengths
Refine the purpose of your visual storytelling
Develop a meaningful narrative
Get unstuck, set goals and determine what you want to achieve

Prepare for your Review: 

Please bring working prints : 11” x 14” (min)  to 16” x 2o” (max) with all edits complete
No plastic sleeves
No digital images
Create a brief statement that best describes your work
Bring all your questions ! 

Choose your personal consultation: 

Option 1:
One Hour Comprehensive Review -  $185.

Option 2:
Three Sessions – 45 minutes each (review discussion, assignment, analysis and goals) $450.

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 “You are a natural whirlwind of inspiration!”
-   C. Konits

 “Thank you for your instructive and enthusiastic review” 
- J. Lustenader

“I appreciate your thoughtful engagement with the work”
- D. Watson

“Wow, what a great experience and review !” 
- M. Ketterer

“Thank you for your warm and encouraging words”
- A. Gelb

“As I entered the gallery and greeted Peppa immediately I felt at ease. Not an easy thing for me to do when I am about to expose my work to a complete stranger with an amazing bio. Peppa was patient with me and listened intently.  She provided guidance and perspective for me going forward.”
- J. Cullen

“It was great meeting you Peppa, and thank you for your interest in my work. It was especially validating how you recognized the concept and my earnest relationship with the series.”
- C. Hauksdottir

“It was a pleasure to meet you, and hear your helpful suggestions for the work.”
- G. Allee

“Meeting you was absolutely one of the highlights of my review experience. In fact, in my notes I wrote down: “The loveliest woman on earth!”  I feel fortunate to have connected with you and it made my heart very happy that you enjoyed my photo series.”
- T. Bahat

“Your feedback and encouragement was very motivating.”
- A. Vikram

“Choosing you as my festival reviewer was a true highlight for me!”
-  B. Bantug

“Thank you so much for your thoughtful and meaningful feedback
during my review.”
- C. Borgenstam

Thank you so much for a terrific review - I appreciated your positive response to my portfolio.”
- A. Mitchell