Hats and Coats


Hats and Coats

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HATS AND COATS | 14in x 18in on 16in x 20in  | Ilford Multigrade Fiber Base Paper from Kodak TMax Film | Limited edition 1/5 




Jim Lustenader loves street photography for its cinematic character; combining elements of photojournalism, documentary and pure surprise to catch unguarded moments in a way that lets viewers relate on a humanistic level. He believes there are few things more interesting than human behavior in action.

Jim looks for the “click point” in a simple, evocative situation -- the visceral second that speaks to the heart with the humor, sadness, beauty or irony of daily life. People's eyes, dress, body language, relationships to inanimate objects and each other -- all can convey storylines that resonate.

Shot indoors or out, Jim’s photos are candid, intuitive, spontaneous; none are staged or manipulated. He shoots film because of its distinctive look, preferring black and white, as it reduces visual complexity, focuses the eye and stimulates imagination. 

Jim has been published in Black & White magazine, and had solo exhibitions at Umbrella Arts Gallery in New York, In An Instant Gallery in Florida, and Dartmouth College. He has also been in over forty  juried exhibitions.