Rough Diamonds Diptych #1

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Rough Diamonds Diptych #1

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ROUGH DIAMONDS DIPTYCH #1 | 24in. X 40in. | Archival Gloss Chromogenic Print | Limited Edition /7




Vancouver, BC-based photographer David Niddrie began working as a photojournalist in the non-profit and progressive media sector in 2000, shooting for Adbusters, CBCr3, MomentumMag and other print & digital outlets.

With professional assignment and exhibition experience going back two decades, David has developed a strong body of work examining subculture, performance and the urban & natural landscapes of the Americas.

Highlights include series’ on wilderness eco-precisionism, manipulated reflections and - blurring the boundary between photojournalism & fine art - subculture, spectators, changing neighbourhoods, lost umbrellas, Day of the Dead traditions, MMA fighters and more.

David Niddrie's fine art photographs are available as limited edition Archival C-Prints and have been purchased by collectors in UAE, Greece, Singapore, USA and Canada.

His ongoing photography clients hire him for commercial lifestyle work, environmental portraiture, editorial & travel reportage, and event documentation.

Today, David takes on further projects investigating fragments of the city and impressions in the wilderness, where he can explore the cultural and mental geographies that capture his interest.