State Street

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State Street small.jpg

State Street

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STATE STREET | 25in. X 37in. | Archival Pigment Print on Hot Press Bright 100% Cotton Rag | Limited Edition 2/5




“Wolfson’s straight photographic style presents a dispassionate investigation of
structures and spaces. His objective imagery further depicts the grand pause, the
moment before change arrives, exploring scenes on the cusp of transition. While
mostly devoid of human presence, the images instead narrate the unseen
interactions of people with place, of photographer and community – adeptly
employing the aesthetic of documentary to his survey of life’s ordinary activities.” - Peppa Martin, Curator

Born in Winnipeg, Larry came to Vancouver as an infant in 1948. He holds a PhD in
Educational Studies and has been actively engaged with photography for four decades. Now
retired, Larry is pursuing his art full time and traveling to destinations such as Asia, Iceland and
continental Europe. Solo shows in Vancouver include Havana Gallery (2102), Zack Gallery
(2013) Volume Gallery (2014), and Truth and Beauty Gallery (2015).