The Garden

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The Garden

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THE GARDEN | 24.5in. x 24.5in. | Archival Gloss Pigment Print | Limited Edition of 25

ONLEY, Yukiko



Yukiko was born and grew up in Osaka, Japan, and has lived in Vancouver since 1976. 

 Yukiko’s early training was as a painter. Her long association with the Canadian artist Toni Onley, both during and after their marriage, has been a significant influence on her work. In 1989, painting led her to photography.

Self-taught, Yukiko has become one of the finest portrait photographers on the West Coast. Her approach to her subjects is intuitive and spontaneous. Her portraits are elegant, sophisticated, and timeless. Besides portraits, she is active in photographing theater and dance productions.

 Yukiko also owns and operates a multipurpose space, VisualSpace Gallery, in Vancouver.